Committee Information

Annual Dinner Committee
Chris Del Vecchio - Chairman
                Roger Putnam               Ryan Murphy                       
Arson Action Committee
         William Murray          William Weick             

Audit Committee
Jerry Owenburg - Chairman
Peter Cincotta    Chris Del Vecchio    Ryan Murphy
                 Robert McConville      Frank Guarino                

Burn Center Committee
Jerry Owenburg - Chairman 
Jeff Bailes

By-Laws Committee

(Please submit any requested By-Law Changes to the committee                                                      in writing) 
Eugene Perry - Chairman   
Frank Guarino         William Rowse
Ryan Murphy

 Candidate Campaign Committee
Robert McConville - Chairman 
Eugene Perry
Four (4) Presidents

Credentials Committee
Arthur Wilson  - Chairman
         Anthony Sullo      William Rowse                

      EMS Committee
Meryl Montrose - Chairwoman
Jerry OwenburgRobert McConville

Rev. John P. Halpin Memorial Service Committee
 Peter Cincotta - Chairman
      Ryan Murphy       Patrick Perry           
           Rev. John Fleischmann       Lay Chaplain David Carrigan         

Fire Commission (FRES) Committee
 Anthony Sullo         Ryan Murphy

Fire Police Committee
Frank Guarino - Chairman
                Arthur Wilson                   

Fire Prevention Committee
Bob Sutton - Chairman
Peter Cincotta             Jerry Owenburg 

Headquarters Committee
Frank Guarino -  Chairman
Peter Cincotta        Arthur Wilson        
Frank Guarino      Ryan Murphy        Patrick Perry
  Keith Vella        Dara Cullen        Anthony Sullo
          Bob Sutton       Vinnie Ammirati     Barbara Connelly                  

John A. Masem Sr. Scholarship Committee
Keith Vella - Chairman
                Robert McConville        Ryan Murphy
                Eugene Perry             Anthony Sullo       

Legislative Committee
William Wieck - Chairman
                             William Rowse      Roger Putnam 
                       Paul Van Arts Dalen      John Pedneault
        Robert McConville       Ryan Murphy        Jerry Owenburg
                                     Bob Sutton    John Stein

Long Island Day at the Home Committee 
  Jerry Owenburg and Peter Cincotta - Co Chairman 
                 Robert McConville    Eugene Perry              
                   William Murray      Frank Guarino
                   Anthony Sullo        Patrick Perry               

                   Membership Committee
William Rowse - Chairman
 Eugene Perry    Arthur Wilson

                             - Chairman
Joe Sauerwein

Parade and Drill Officials Committee
Robert McConville      William Rowse
            Chris Del Vecchio       Eugene Perry                  

Publicity and Public Relations Committee
Ryan Murphy - Chairman
               Peter Cincotta           Dennis Whitman 
               Eugene Perry            Vinnie Ammirati

                            Radio Committee
Anthony Sullo - Chairman
                       Jeff Bailes           Peter Cincotta                        

Resolutions Committee
Richard Ligon - Chairman
                   Eugene Perry        Larry Montrose

SCVFA Computer and Website Committee
Roger Putnam - Chairman
Ryan Murphy

Safety Officer Committee
Alan Bayley - Chairman
Roger Putnam     Jeff Bailes

Sickness and Distress Committee
Lay Chaplain David Carrigan - Chairman
        William Rowse          
Reverend John Fleischmann 
and the Executive Committee 

Steering Committee

If you would like to submit any names to be considered for any FASNY, Southern New York or Suffolk County Volunteer Firemen's Association Office or Committee, please do so in writing to the Committee Chairman.

Robert McConville - Chairman 
William Rowse       Frank Guarino
                            Jerry Owenburg        Roger Putnam               
            William Wieck          Eugene Perry          Chris Del Vecchio
                  Richard Ligon       Alan Bayley    William Murray
                              Ryan Murphy      Bob Sutton
Suffolk County Volunteer 
"Firefighter of the Year" Award Committee
Roger Putnam - Chairman
                            Paul Van Arts Dalen         Alan Bayley
                       Richard Ligon         Robert McConville    
                     William Murray                Jerry Owenburg    

 V.E.E.B Committee

                        Jerry Owenburg         Frank Guarino
                             Gary Schaum      Peter Cincotta

Ways and Means Committee
Bob Sutton - Chairman
                                               Patrick Perry

               William J. Reilly Journal Committee
Eugene Perry - Chairman
             William Rowse      Roger Putnam
Four (4) Presidents

              Youth in the Fire Service Committee
Keith Vella - Chairman
        Bob Sutton          

Suffolk County Volunteer Firemen's Association
                                    ----------------------Organized 1886------------------------